Benefits of Having Residential Elevators


Sometimes, people are born with disabilities – be it developmental, physical or mental. And most of the elderly individuals have health problems; they could face difficulties to move in their own home. To free them from such problems, you can plan for many remedies with installation of home elevators being one. The benefits of these elevators are listed below:

Actually, residential or home lifts usually take less space in comparison with stairs, and this option will aid you in saving loads of space for other uses. These elevators require only a little room. Even the elevator could be easily installed outside on an external wall, giving an indoor entry to the users at every level.

Elevators of residences would help in the prevention of accidents. Many times, people fall from stairs and injure themselves badly. To avoid these worse circumstances, elevators could be used by dwellers in their home. Frailer and aged people can move around the house easily with the help of these home lifts in Australia.

The presence of a home elevator in your house can increase the resale value of your residence. If you want to put your home for sale, then you would get more buyers as a home elevator could help them to carry heavy objects upwards and downwards, from one floor to another floor properly.

It is not a hard task to install elevators in your new home or in an existing home. Each residential elevator comprises of an innovative drive system for ensuring smooth operation. People of any age group can operate this form of elevator. Easy Access Lifts provides easy installation of lifts not just for homes and businesses too.  The lighting, panels and other features could be adjusted, so that it could gel well with your home’s interior decorations.

A hydraulic elevator is commonly seen in several houses. This elevator is regarded as safe in times of emergency like earthquakes or occurrence of fire. The reason is that the machine room is situated in the basement and its structure has a manual lowering system.

An overhead winding drum is a kind of home elevator, which does not use a machine room or oil and it is commonly used for ‘green’ elevators. Generally, it is installed into the roof and the elevator cab doesn’t depend on counterweights for moving.

A pneumatic lift elevator doesn’t use a machine room. But a pneumatic vacuum is used that is capable of moving cars between floors by suction. It must not be used for those who are handicap as it can hold only one or two individuals. The installation cost is lower too.

Sometimes, home elevators are incorporated in a home for security purposes and distinct safety measures could be added as power backup facility, door interlock system and one touch screen controls to make more useful for elderly people, children.