Budget Tips To Remodel Your Bathrooms

If you are reading this, we are assuming you have decided to remodel your home bathrooms in Adelaide. Since you have arrived half way there with your decision, now you would want to look for cost effective ideas to redesign your bathroom and hence, we at Creative Home Renovations have put together a budget friendly ideas for you to further ponder over. Even if it is pocket friendly, it doesn’t mean it cannot be a cool space! Your bathroom redesign can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $26,000, and if you are creative about it, it can cost you from $1,000 to $5,000.  And when you update your bathroom, the value of your home also increases.  

Save Big On Tiles! 
Obviously tiling your bathroom gets expensive, adding the labour cost to layout out too. We suggest either identify focal points, such as wall inside the shower area and tile that. Or paint the rest of walls while you strip horizontally one line of tiles across the bathroom. This can be a fancy artistic design. If you are fixated on getting tiling done but still want to save money, then use a combination of an expensive and a cheap tile and accent it alongside.   


Go Clever In Installing A Counter Top
Granite is popular choice being used as a countertop, be it for kitchen or for bathroom. What you should know are the granite shades that are in demand which are brown, white, light beige and tan. Now avoid these, because as much as these colours are demanded, the price is equally high. Now put your money in other shades of granite. Followed by another trick in the hat, go for defective granite slabs, since it will be eventually cut off to place the sink and the water tap, the defect will be hidden away. All you need to look out for is where the imperfections are.  

Paint Away
Need not to say, but the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade any home space is to repaint the walls. It adds a new life to the space. Having that said, make sure you use a good quality paint with a satin finish for bathrooms walls to avoid mildew and mold. And for your ceiling, use a special paint to avoid mold being built.  

Minor Details
Focusing on minor details creates an big impact, as they tend to stand out and make up the theme for the space. For your bathroom, you can invest in changing the colour of your light, light panels, towel rack, sink faucets, taps. 

Remove the Grout
Do not underestimate the power of removing the grout from tiles, sink and tub. When the tiles start to sparkle, you bathroom not only looks clean but it freshens it up too.