Want A Healthy Lawn And Has It Been Your Dream?

Some people pay attention only to the cleanliness within the house. They think that their priority is to clean only the interior of the house. But I say, no. you have to pay attention to both inside and outside your house in a similar way. When a visitor comes to your place, your garden is the first thing he or she sees. Therefore, no matter how neat your house is, if your backyard is a mess then the first impression you give will not work.

Prepare the area for planting.If you have an idea of making a new lawn, first of all, you have to find a proper place. Sun light should penetrate to this area. Before you are getting started, remove all weeds and grass using a sod cutter or a grape hoe. Keep in your mind not to use herbicides.

Then it is very important for you to choose the grass. There are various types of grasses in the market. Take time to select a good type of grass. When you choose a grass, don’t choose according to the season. Choose something that will resist to any climatic condition. In this way, you will be able to have a healthy lawn.

Basically, when you install the new loan, plant the seeds, break the lawn into sections. Then you will be able to plant the seeds efficiently. Use a lawn spreader to plant seeds.

In the meantime, avoid watering them just after sowing the seeds. Water them night after sowing. We do this to stop washing away of the planted seeds. Water them lightly every other day until the grass blades appear. We know that you really want to walk in the new lawn. But if you do that, there’s a chance that the grass will be destroyed because they are not yet strong enough and the seeds take time to grow. So stay away from the lawn until the blades appear, check this awesome garden landscaping.

Maintaining the lawnWell, this is the hardest part. It’s easy to make a lawn, but not to maintain one. If you are a busy person, hire a gardener. For example, Garden maintenance Fremantle is one such service provider you might find in Australia.

They really take care of your lawn. You can call assistance from Garden maintenance Fremantle anytime you want, so that it will lessen the possibility of your garden being neglected by you.

If not, you have to take care of your lawn all by yourself. If it is so, you have to water your lawn occasionally. When the grass grows well, their ability of absorbance also rises up. So, when you water them, water them profoundly.

You have to mow your lawn at the right time. If not the grass starts do die from the root because they can’t get enough sunlight. However, keep in your mind not to mow the lawn when it’s wet. And after 10 hours of mowing, sharpen the blade. This will help you to have a healthy and attractive lawn. So it is not wrong to say that “To do gardening is to believe in tomorrow”.